Hello, chaps!

Group Chaps


The Chaps are a large and happy family of soft toys. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and their daily life is full of adventure. Here are some moments from their world!


  1. Hello, chaps! Sapphire the dolphin visits her friends.
  2. Hold still, dad! Mushroom must check his measurements before ordering clothes online.
  3. Tea time, chaps! These friends are relaxing after an early start to their day.
  4. Let’s solve a problem, chaps! Purple the hippo needs a new toothbrush.
  5. Where to, chaps? The Chaps are planning a holiday.
  6. Let’s enjoy our holiday, chaps! Today, the Chaps are viewing a famous landmark.
  7. We’ll get there, chaps! Darwin the turtle is pedalling hard to stay fit.
  8. The Chaps form a band. They can’t wait to try their new piano.
  9. Ride-sharing. Darwin is faster than he looks.
  10. Let’s go shopping, chaps! Plum the mushroom is writing a shopping list.
  11. Happy New Year from the Chaps!
  12. Vroom Vroom, chaps! Purple the hippo is demonstrating his new invention.