And my novel has a blurb…

Writing a blurb is harder than it looks! But, less than a week out from the start of NaNo, here it is:


The world’s greatest empire is no more, its last champions cast adrift from all for which they’ve fought. But one woman amongst them could change the course of history.

In service to the empire, Tian Risa has walked with ghosts, harnessed wondrous new fuels, built the world’s first flying machine. Now commanding the sky frigate Windrider, she leads her followers across the sea in search of allies to reclaim their home. Vultures, villains and the valiant will clamour for the power of her ship, and only when history enters its judgment will it become clear which is which.

A novel of adventure, courage and conflict; great opportunities and the burdens they bring; doubt, hope, despair and triumph.

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