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What traditional agriculture has to do with female labour force participation

  I love to discover why something is the way it is, and my favourite historical reads are often those that deliver this kind of “big picture” revelation. It was in this vein that, a while back, I discussed research … Continue reading

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Book review: Adapt, by Tim Harford

Please note I am not an expert in the topics covered by this book; rather, my perspective is that of an interested lay reader.   Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure, by Tim Harford (2011): At the very top … Continue reading

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Two books on the history of human civilisation: Civilization, by Niall Ferguson; Why the West Rules – For Now, by Ian Morris

Conquest and imperialism have been part of human history since the first caveman speared his rival in a fight over a hunk of mammoth meat, and they reached their zenith with the European powers of the nineteenth century. But why … Continue reading

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Optimism, 140 characters at a time

Interested in a curated feed of the most interesting news, knowledge and research around the Web? Check out my Twitter account (@PeterSahui), or click the button below!     (At this stage, the plan is to update the Twitter feed … Continue reading

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