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Cute and Cool Pictures: Library Panorama, Hermit Crab Homes, and Dino Paintings

├é┬áPanorama of the Austrian National Library in Vienna. These dinosaur paintings aren’t bad; and take a glance at the attached article, where the artist discusses how he collaborates with scientists. 3D printed homes for hermit crabs.

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This Week I Learned – Robotic Dairy Farming, the Reincarnation of Steel, EULAs, And More

One of my pet themes on this blog is innovation, and this week’s standout is a 15-minute TV segment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (with accompanying transcript) on how dairy farmers are deploying robots, automating their processes, and collecting data … Continue reading

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Books read – June through September 2013

Global Interactions in the Early Modern Age, 1400-1800, by Charles H Parker. This is an introductory (270 pages) academic work, covering a number of topics: European and Asian empires, trade, population movements, ecological change, and cultural and religious shifts. Therein … Continue reading

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