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Book review: Adapt, by Tim Harford

Please note I am not an expert in the topics covered by this book; rather, my perspective is that of an interested lay reader.   Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure, by Tim Harford (2011): At the very top … Continue reading

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To what extent do we cherish the fruits of our labour?

Have you ever cherished an object you put together with your own hands – no matter how simple it may be, or how clumsy the job you did?   A new working paper* indicates that people place a higher monetary … Continue reading

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Thinking of a happy childhood – some potential unexpected benefits

Could simply recalling happy childhood memories make us more likely to act ethically and helpfully? Quite possibly yes, judging by a working paper* released last week. To quote Harvard Working Knowledge’s executive summary:   Through four experiments, the researchers show … Continue reading

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