About me

I’m an investment professional with over 10 years of experience in venture capital, equity research, and REITs.

I analyse investments (seed stage to listed); build financial models; research industries; and visualise data.

I also play the piano and write as hobbies.


  • The Australian edtech investors list: October 2020
    If you are an Australian edtech company, where should you look for investment, and what requirements do you need to meet? I decided to crowd-source the answers from the investors themselves.
  • Coursera: the edtech company I’d love to own
    The news that Coursera has raised a US$130M Series F round, valuing the company at a reported US$2.5B, caught my interest. If I could invest in one late-stage edtech company, Coursera would be it. There is a global need for lifelong learning; and the company is well-placed to meet it.