The Australian edtech investors list: October 2020


If you are an Australian edtech company, where should you look for investment, and what requirements do you need to meet?

I decided to crowd-source the answers from the investors themselves: you can view the current list here. If you are an investor, you can add your details to the list here.

Who is investing?

As of October 2020, the following investors are on the list:

While not currently on the list, other investors have been active in Australian edtech in recent years — these include Airtree Ventures and Pangaea Impact.

What are they investing in?

Currently there are six investors on the list. While this is a limited sample size, we can make a few observations:

More investors are interested in post-secondary education (higher education and corporate/lifelong learning). This is consistent with ongoing trends — over the last couple of years, the largest Australian edtech funding rounds have generally gone to companies in corporate & lifelong learning.

Most (4 out of 6) of the investors in the list specified a minimum revenue requirement, with one having an EBITDA requirement as well.

A broad range of investors is interested in edtech — the list includes the angel, VC, strategic, impact, and dedicated edtech investor sectors.


The investor list is off to a good start; if you are an edtech company looking for funding, hopefully you will find this a useful starting point. And if you are investing in Australian edtech, join the list here!

Updated 13 October 2020 to add Owl Ventures and update the chart.


Coursera: the edtech company I’d love to own

The news that Coursera has raised a US$130M Series F round, valuing the company at a reported US$2.5B, caught my interest. If I could invest in one late-stage edtech company, Coursera would be it. There is a global need for lifelong learning; and the company is well-placed to meet it.