This Week I Learned #11 – 21 August 2013


Great crop of articles this week:

  1. An evocative piece on the 72-year-old mailman who drives the US’ longest route.
  2. What we can learn from a sarcophagus found along the Silk Road.
  3. Kevin Good thought there was an 80 percent chance he could successfully deliver his brother’s wedding rings with a tiny drone.”
  4. 3D printing living tissue: the hope, the hype, the reality
  5. Given the choice of saving their dog or a foreign tourist from a runaway bus, 40% of respondents to one survey would rather save the dog!
  6. The boredom rooms where Japanese workers are sent in hopes they’ll quit.
  7. Twitter, land of the bots.
  8. Bunny cafes in Japan.
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