This Week I Learned: Culinary Edition

Well, I’m updating this less frequently than I thought I would, but the bright side is that gives me time to cherry-pick the very best links! Today’s crop are all great:


  1. Here is an excellent interview with Bill Gates, touching on Microsoft, philanthropy, and how to better the world. If I had to pick the single best out of the bunch, this would be it.
  2. Who had richer parents — doctors, teachers, lawyers, or artists? The answer might surprise you.
  3. Seafood might be yummy, but — while alive — did those creatures feel pain?
  4. And speaking of yummy, it turns out computers can come up with appealing recipes.
  5. Falling microwave sales offer an interesting window onto changing cultural and culinary preferences. (What’s eating the microwaves’ lunch? Toaster ovens.)
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