This Week I Learned: French Martial Edition

From time to time I see old articles doing the rounds, and one of them is the remarkable story of the only woman to serve in the French Foreign Legion.

On a related note, consider this meal. Starter: Deer terrine. Main: Cassoulet with duck fat. Dessert: Camembert cheese, chocolate cake. The menu at a fine restaurant? No — the rations given to French soldiers.

In other news:

  1. The CIA disseminated Doctor Zhivago as a weapon in the Cold War.
  2. Car washers, horseback riding instructors, and more: the first jobs of Nobel Prize winners.
  3. Restaurant reviews are affected by the weather!
  4. And speaking of which, here is a bullish article on the future of solar power.
  5. In robot news of the week, could this be the future of mining?
  6. Turning to online media, “a lot of top journalists don’t look at traffic numbers“. And while advertising motivates bloggers to work hard, it also motivates them to chase hits.
  7. And lastly, how many people does it take to colonise another star system?
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