This Week I Learned: Innovation Edition

If there’s one theme this week, it’s innovation –  MacGyver-style “doing more with less” (lamps made from a bottle of water); amusing gimmickry (giant soft toys + cafe = win); and the biases that, depressingly, extend to funding innovation. Read on:


  1. Venture capital investors prefer funding men over women, and handsome men over ugly ones.
  2. Rich Americans (according to pollsters) prefer investing in stocks and real estate; poor Americans prefer gold. What does that say?
  3. Cheap, simple bottle lights for illuminating buildings during the day.
  4. On a lighter note, here is a look at windscreen stickers as the new family portraits.
  5. A Dutch online fashion retailer gives customers 15 minutes to try on clothes, and if the clothes don’t fit, the customers can return them to the courier who dropped them off.
  6. This Japanese cafe seats solo patrons with cute stuffed animals.
  7. And speaking of cute stuffed animals, Hello Kitty promotions have an interesting history in Singapore.
  8. How to brew tea inside a tank.
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